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Resort Concierge Escapes says it is; however, Yoho National Park is only for individuals who enjoy being on the ground. It is situated in eastern British Columbia and the Rocky Mountain mountain range. It is a dazzling land filled with glacial waterfalls, lakes, and a breathtaking hiking trail that could allow Yosemite to compete for money.

However, you are entering the territory of grizzly bears, and if you’re planning to camp, ensure you’ve read about the best practices to follow and stay clear of the wilderness by yourself, says Resort Concierge Escapes.

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The Okanagan Described by Resort Concierge Escapes

Beer drinkers can find high-quality suds throughout British Columbia; however, those who taste wine should take a trip to Kelowna’s Okanagan Valley.

Five hours away from Kelowna in the valley, you’ll discover Kelowna’s vineyards when rolling floodplains emerge from the Rocky Mountains and sun-soaked hills.

Resort Concierge Escapes says It’s not surprising that the wine-tasting experience is among the most sought-after activities. There are reasons for this. Thoroughly understood, it is believed that the Okanagan is blessed with two hours of sunshine every hour more than California’s Napa Valley, making whites that are crisp and luscious smooth reds. You can extend your vacation by selecting one of the many accommodations where you can stay in Kelowna.

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Explore Granville Island

Granville Island is a must-see for anybody visiting Vancouver. For those who have yet to hear, Granville Island is a tiny island that can be reached by car or boat from downtown Vancouver. Granville Island offers a variety of attractions to discover and enjoy, but many reviews point out that a significant favorite is shopping in the market. Resort Concierge Escapes says there are a variety of other attractions to experience on Granville Island.

Resort Concierge Escapes suggests a visit to Grouse Mountain, which is indeed a mountain in Vancouver, British Columbia. You can get the cable car or walk up “The Grouse Grind” trek to the top. You can see all of Vancouver from the highest point and access a range of activities. You can escape the wait by purchasing Grouse Mountain entrance tickets; this is a straightforward day hike in Vancouver!

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