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In many Resort Concierge Escapes   reviews by members, Mexico offers many great places for culture and beauty. Here are some highlights of Mexico City from those reviews.

At more than 2200 meters, Mexico City, the country’s capital, is in the Anahuac Valley, which is covered by massive mountain ranges: two majestic snow-capped volcanoes, Popocatepetl and Iztacchuatl, tower above the city as sentinels.

According to many reviews of Resort Concierge Escapes  , Mexico City should be among the best places in Mexico for culture and beauty. Despite having a lot of reminders of its previous era and all the modern conveniences, Mexico City is a wonderful and exciting mix of old and new generations.

The Spanish Conquistadors built their new city on the ruins of Tenochtitlan, so the architecture and art of the pre-Columbian period are now only fragments and museum reproductions. However, many magnificent Baroque palaces and churches were built during the early colonial period.

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Resort Concierge Escapes   Shares Mexico City Culture

In addition to being the birthplace of the Mexican Constitution, El Zocalo is one of the world’s largest squares. It was built shortly after conquering the ancient Aztec town of Tenochtitlan.

The square’s early colonial uses included bullfighting arenas and open markets. Today, it hosts festivals, parades, and demonstrations. It is a lively epicenter where tourists and locals blend together to enjoy events and the beautiful buildings surrounding it.

Several Resort Concierge Escapes   reviews point out that the Zocalo is anchored by three frequently visited tourist attractions, including the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Templo Mayor.

Many Resort Concierge Escapes   reviews praise visiting the Templo Mayor for its history, which is full of Aztec artifacts. It is an excellent place to discover Mexico’s rich history and is a must-see for anyone interested in Mexico’s history.

Kovay Gardens Reviews Mexico City Highlights

Resort Concierge Escapes   Reviews Visiting The National Museum of Anthropology

A massive monolithic statue, among the largest in the world, marks the entrance to Chapultepec Park. The National Museum of Anthropology is not easy to miss. The most impressive part of the structure is the collection, which includes archeological finds from past Indian civilizations and information about modern-day Indian people living in Mexico.

Another historic and fascinating place to visit in Mexico City is Teotihuacan’s ancient Pyramids. While the UNESCO site is a little out of town, the journey there is worth it. Locals have told us the site offers more than just a pyramid.

There was once an entire city here that was lost to time, but it is now being rediscovered. See the remains of this great civilization, such as the Pyramid of the Sun and the mysterious “Avenue of the Dead.” Wander in awe, hike up the pyramids, hunt for artifacts, or explore the forest.

If you would like to see these pyramids at your own pace, your local trip organizer will provide detailed directions on how to reach them yourself (so you can visit them at your own pace). A number of Resort Concierge Escapes   reviews, however, recommend hiring a local guide who can answer your questions and provide a deeper understanding of Mexico’s history.,

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Resort Concierge Escapes   Reviews Visiting The Basilica of Guadalupe

Other Resort Concierge Escapes   reviews say tourists should not skip the third most visited sacred place in the world and the best Catholic tourist destination in Mexico: the Basilica de Guadalupe, which is culturally significant. Although this is not the case, the ancient and new basilicas are both visually stunning. It is believed that the Virgen of Guadalupe appeared here to Cuauhtlatoatzin in the 1500s.

A number of historical and Antioch locations are located in Mexico City. You can discover more about their culture in a number of places. It is also one of the largest and oldest cities in the world, and it offers many unique places for visitors. So, for many reasons, Resort Concierge Escapes   members recommend Mexico City as one of the best places in Mexico for its culture and beauty.

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