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At Resort Concierge Escapes, we want our members to enjoy their membership and travel as much as possible. For that reason, we offer affordable deals and incentives to make traveling more enjoyable. Traveling has never been more luxurious or affordable for our members.

As a member of Resort Concierge Escapes, you’ll be able to enjoy luxury accommodations when you travel worldwide. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite sites and scenes in Rome to inspire you. Rome can be expensive, but many of the best spots in the city are still affordable and some are even free.

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Resort Concierge Escapes Explains Rome Is A Top Destination

When in Rome, the first magnificent site most visitors want to see is the city’s ancient center. Here, the Colosseum is one of Italy’s most iconic and magnificent monuments that has stood the test of time. Visitors can purchase tickets in advance to either explore the Colosseum on their own or with a tour guide.

Climbing the steep steps to the top of the Coliseum, where people would watch gladiators fight, is like stepping back in time. The old stone has eroded over time, but you can still identify the ground level below with all its passageways, corridors, and traps for raising lions. It’s a sight that that is excellent for picture taking and learning about the ancient Roman culture.

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Many visitors spend at least a few hours exploring the Coliseum. As soon as you exit, a leisurely stroll around the area reveals the heart of ancient Rome. Here, Caesar had his Court, and all the heads of state had separate courts. The area includes many relics, including ancient Roman cobblestone streets, monuments, and other interesting sites.  

Resort Concierge Escapes has chosen Rome as a top destination for many reasons. After exiting the Ancient Rome section, you’ll find yourself in front of Piazza Venezia. It’s a sight not to be missed and will undoubtedly have excellent photo opportunities. This is the palace that was home to Mussolino, and it is very grand.

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Resort Concierge Escapes Offers Tips For Getting Around Rome

Many Resort Concierge Escapes reviews from members suggest purchasing a Hop on – Hop off bus pass while in Rome is advisable. It’s a one-day tour on a double-decker bus that stops at many of the most popular sites in the city. You can get off the bus at any of their designated spots, spend as much time as you like, and then get on again and go to the next place.

Other sites on the list of must-see trips at Resort Concierge Escapes include the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pope’s Palace, and the Vatican. But these well-known spots are just the beginning. Rome is an excellent walking city that offers visitors surprising beautiful architecture and art from many of history’s greatest artists.

Resort Concierge Escapes offers affordable vacations for all types of travelers. Life is too short not to travel and experience as much of the world as you can. Let Resort Concierge Escapes help you and your family realize your vacation dreams.

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